Project Management Tools

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I recently made a contribution to a post on discussing the best project management tools. The post is a roundup from 80 different SEO professionals commenting on the organization tools they use. Tools like Asana, Trello and Monday are a huge component of keeping projects on track and meeting deadlines. Here’s a link to […]

Understanding Different Links

Links, Links, Links

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It’s 2020, a lot has changed with SEO over the years including the value of certain link types. While profile links and forum links were easy to create and carried value back in 2010, that’s simply not the case anymore. Today it’s important to have a backlink profile of high quality links coming from trusted […]

Local SEO

Featured On Big Leap’s 2020 Roundup

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Getting started with local SEO can be fairly inexpensive with the right toolset. You will need to know some basics about search marketing and overall digital strategy, but any small business owner has the opportunity to create a digital footprint with a low cost to enter the market. I was recently featured in Big Leap‘s […]

Link Detoxification

Steps for a Link Detox

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Any site hit with a link penalty from Google knows you have to go through a process of removing the penalty. In some cases, you have to do a complete reconsideration request to be included in the Google index again. What is a Link Detox? For any marketers unfamiliar with a link penalty, it occurs […]

Featured On InstaVIP Podcast

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I had the privilege of being interviewed by Steve Wetmore of InstaVIP. Steve runs a podcast dedicated to growing Instagram followers for small businesses and individual accounts, as well as operating a site called Steve is in the process of putting together a roundup to be published in the USA Today. The round up […]

Google Shopping Tips

Five Tips for Product Listing Ads

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Any retail business investing in digital marketing is likely using product listing ads. Product listing ads, also known as PLAs or Google Shopping campaigns, are a type of ad unit shown in Google and run off of the same CPC system as standard pay-per-click text ads. However, unlike a PPC ad, a PLA unit is […]