Why Localized Pages Are Key for SEO

When it comes to a localized SEO strategy, developing the right content and pages is key to acquiring traffic. These types of pages focus on a specific community or neighborhood along with a business’s target keywords. This is by no means a new strategy as I have been implementing these types of landing pages for businesses since 2011.

Let’s take a look at a few examples to get a better idea of what these landing pages look like.

Octiv Digital

As most SEO professionals should do, we test any strategy we recommend to clients on ourselves to make sure it’s friendly with Google’s algorithms. One of our key strategies to acquiring new and highly targeted traffic is by creating these types of localized pages. By combining a target geographic area with one of our services, and creating the right type of content with copy and images, these pages begin ranking in Google. For example, knowing we wanted to target the Northern California city of Roseville, we created a landing page with target keywords like “Roseville SEO“. After giving this content time to be indexed by Google, it is now ranking on the first page of results.

Gravity IT Solutions

Similar to our own traffic acquisition strategy, Gravity IT Solutions wanted to appeal to a number of different cities in Northern California. We successfully developed location pages including Folsom, Sacramento, Granite Bay, Roseville and Rocklin. Similar to the results we saw for Octiv Digital, once Google took the time to index the pages, the content began ranking for its target keywords. We now see where “Folsom IT Service” ranks on the first page of Google.

Bay Valley Tech

Finally, we worked with a free coding bootcamp non-profit school out of Modesto on a similar project. Once the pandemic took hold and everything was transferred to online, this school began offering its coding programs to students everywhere. To grow its organic traffic, the school wanted to create local SEO pages for Sacramento, Stockton, Livermore, Turlock, San Francisco, Oakland and other Bay Area cities. With a content strategy deployed to its site, the school began ranking for free code academy searches in its target cities.

Other Considerations

It goes without saying that any local SEO strategy needs a well-crafted Google My Business page. Google will rank these pages in its local 3-pack of results and show the information in Maps searches. Not only is this beneficial to a business getting found in highly local searches, Google will also associate these business pages to landing pages on a website. We have done tests to determine how much of an influence Google My Business has on rankings and it’s very conclusive that the results are there.

If you’re considering building out localized pages like those mentioned above, make keyword research a priority. You’ll want to find primary topics, secondary topics and tertiary topics to create well-rounded content that is bound to rank in search results.


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