Featured In Referral Rock Article

It’s always an honor to contribute to blogs and pieces of content focused on SEO. I like to provide my personal insight from working with small business clients and enterprises strategies. Search engine optimization is a tough subject to tackle with many components, but it’s something all business owners have to consider.

I am proud to be part of a round-up article with other SEO experts, published on Referral Rock. The article focuses on 23 tools and tips business owners can start using right away to improve their SEO. It’s expensive for businesses to hire SEO consultants like me, so the author of this article focused on ways business owners can get into SEO on a budget.

My contribution to the article is about using Screaming Frog. Screaming Frog is a technical SEO tool that is free up to 500 URLs. For most small businesses, 500 URLs is more than enough. The tool will provide insight into technical issues and help webmasters identify low hanging SEO fruit. I’ve raved about Screaming Frog in another contribution and I will likely continue to do so. It’s a great tool and with a little analysis, you can really benefit your SEO.

Check out the article on Referral Rock at https://referralrock.com/blog/free-seo-tools-from-experts/.


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