Featured in HuffPost Article About Zoom

With everyone staying home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Zoom has quickly become a go-to tool for video conferencing. Not only is the platform free for up to 40 minute conferences, it comes packed with a lot of other features to make virtual meetings interactive and professional.

Huffington Post polled 12 stay-at-home experts for opinions on how to enhance the experience of Zoom with a variety of different features. Of the recommendations is using a beautify filter to make your profile look as good as it can in standard or high definition output, password protect meetings for added privacy, use keyboard shortcuts for quick functionality and connect Zoom to Google Calendar to synch everything together.

My personal favorite and my contribution to the article is to use a digital background. If you have the proper processing requirements to support a digital background, you can come up with an extra professional setting or something fun to make your attendees laugh. As I work on SEO projects from home for Octiv, I can make my living room sofa look like an office space in a breeze. It’s a great feature and highly recommended.

Check out the full article at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/zoom-hacks-work-meetings-virtual-happy-hours_l_5e7ba807c5b6cb9dc1991ef4.


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