Fair Oaks Web Design

Hi, my name is Jeff and I am a web designer / WordPress developer in Fair Oaks, CA. I specialize in small business website design for local businesses and entrepreneurs in the greater Sacrament area. 

Fair Oaks SEO

In addition to web design, I am also an SEO professional. I help my clients get their businesses found on Google through natural search listings and/or through local search (Google Maps) listings.

Responsive WordPress Design for Fair Oaks Businesses

I use responsive templates in sites I build to make them accessible from all screen sizes including computers, tablets and a variety of mobile phones. It’s really important to Fair Oaks businesses to have a responsive site for all visitors.

On-Page SEO

By nature I am an SEO, so any site I build contains critical on-page things like title tags, description tags, header tags, copy enhancements, keyword alignment and more. Additionally, I run sites through rigorous testing to ensure they are as fast as possible.

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