The Pack Has a New Recruit

Any one who knows me outside of the professional world and outside of my SEO career knows I am a huge dog lover. I am proud to have two rescues already, Thursday (6) and Maggie (5), who are a couple of the best dogs ever. I’ve been thinking of fostering or at least helping out at my local shelter (Bradshaw Animal Shelter) over the last few months and found myself stopping by the shelter last week.


A co-worker has been keeping me updated on the cattle dogs that come through the shelter as they are one of my favorite breeds. A former significant other and I had a cattle dog a few years ago and she (Delilah) was easily the greatest dog in the world. I’m not biased, it’s just a fact. She unfortunately passed away last month and I have been thinking a lot about how great it would be to save another cattle dog like her. Early one morning, my co-worker alerted me to a Queensland blue heeler who found herself at my local shelter.

Of course, I had to go at least meet her to see if she was cute or a cuckoo pants. And of course, she ended up coming home with me.

Meet Bailey

Bailey is a 10-month old Queensland blue heeler who is fitting in with Thursday and Maggie already. She has a lot to learn, but I’m confident she’ll be a smarty pants and has found her forever home.