Speaking at Bloomreach Connect in San Francisco

As a customer of Bloomreach, my company enjoys several SEO benefits of their platform. The platform, started by a former Google search engineer, creates improved internal linking for big data sites and allows its users to create product-based landing pages quickly. The process is rather simple and has helped Lumens discover new areas of revenue from SEO. My paid search team is using the landing pages now too!

I had the pleasure of speaking on behalf of Bloomreach’s technology at eTail East in Boston this last summer and I was invited back to Bloomreach’s own conference (dubbed Connect) in San Francisco. My colleague at Bloomreach, Nate Barad, and I spoke about the technology and why the convergence of commerce and content is a must for retailers.

Here’s the video of our quick at Bloomreach Connect 2018:

If you work for a retailer who is looking to scale its SEO and organic traffic efforts, Bloomreach is a go-to option. While the tool is costly to implement, it’s very easy to use and currently averages a 10:1 return for my company. Because of its success, a couple of marketers at my company’s sister company have taken the same idea to try to implement on their side. Hopefully it works out for them!


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