Mentioned in ManyChat Blog Post!

ManyChat, a tool used to automate chat with customers on e-commerce websites, recently published an article about the best ways to increase AOv (average order value). The goal of many e-commerce marketers is to increase how much a buyer is willing to purchase from them. This often comes in the form of cross-sells and up-sells for things the customer might not have top of mind.

Of course, from ManyChat’s perspective, having an automated chat feature to help out customers is a great way to increase AOV. If a customer has any questions about the product, present them with a chat and offer to answer any questions or concerns. Not only does that lock in the sale, but it builds trust to encourage them to purchase from the store again.

Although ManyChat is a Shopify app, the ideas presented in the article around increasing AOV can work for almost any e-commerce website. Take a look at the various recommendations and apps you can start using today to help increase your store’s AOV. And if you’re looking for a way to improve your e-commerce SEO strategy, let’s schedule a free consultation to identify opportunities.


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