Introducing Biz Acceleration Team

I’m happy to announce that Octiv Digital will now be part of a power team with other local professionals. The organization has been aptly dubbed Biz Acceleration Team ( as our different businesses work to help small businesses accelerate their growth.

The group is comprised of myself on behalf of Octiv Digital, Bryant Troupe with Gravity IT Solutions, Mary Vosika with True Voice Copy and Sandra Swenson-Scott of Clear Vision Consulting.

  • Octiv is a digital marketing company offering local and enterprise SEO services, as well as paid ad management and web development.
  • Gravity IT Solutions is an IT support services Roseville business that works with small organizations and individuals for all things tech and IT.
  • True Voice Copy is a copywriting service that caters to individuals in the areas of financial and accounting.
  • Clear Vision Consulting provides small business management in a variety of functional areas to help businesses be successful.

Together, the group is planning to work with small businesses in the Sacramento area to help them get on their feet.


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