Featured On Rankings.io Post

I recently made a contribution to a post on Rankings.io discussing the best project management tools. The post is a roundup from 80 different SEO professionals commenting on the organization tools they use. Tools like Asana, Trello and Monday are a huge component of keeping projects on track and meeting deadlines.

Here’s a link to the post from Rankings.io: https://rankings.io/project-management-tools/

I picked up a few tools during my time at Lumens.com and continue to use them today on the agency side of things. Project management tools like Asana and Slack are key to sharing information and keeping project goals aligned. Additionally, Asana is shared with clients so they know exactly what is going on. When working on a web design project, a client-facing project management tool like Asana is vital. It’s easy to use for the client and it ensures we’re transparent in the work we’re delivering.

Another great tool (going outside of project management) is Zoom. Zoom is a conference call software that allows its users up to 40 minutes of free conferencing. Not only is 40 minutes plenty of time for most client meetings, it also ensures a hard stop for client meetings.


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