Featured In HeyOrca! Article

As one type of link development strategy we use at Octiv Digital, we respond to journalist’s queries. We belong to a network of journalists who occasionally ask for quotes for an article they are putting together. It’s a great way for us to submit content about our brand or for a client we’re working with and it’s considered 100% natural white hat link building.

In these submissions to journalists and bloggers, we will occasionally find a site or service similar to ours and love working with them. As such, I was recently featured in an article by a social media calendaring company called HeyOrca!.

142 Social Media Tips to Engage Audiences

The article focuses on how brands can engage their audience on social media. Tips included in the article from 100+ internet marketers include using eye-catching graphics, leveraging video content to help engage an audience and using things like polls or quizzes to ensure the audience is actually interacting.

For any small business owners trying to figure out what they can do differently from their competitors, this list provides a lot of spot on options. Even a local health insurance broker like Bend Insurance or a bookkeeping service like Busy Bee Advisors can use these tips to stimulate interaction among their audiences.

Check out that tips at https://heyorca.com/blog/social-media-strategy/142-engaging-social-media-question-ideas-with-tips-examples/ and see what you can come up with for your own brand.


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